My name is Paula Chapman and this is a short account of my life

I first came to the church in 1976 I have seen lots of changes since coming but most of all I have seen many changes in myself. I have had many problems along the way. In many ways I grew up in ignorance. I was not taught like others. I always craved love and attention from my mother, family and friends but always being let down again and again. Through all this I never felt fulfilled and because of this I ended up marrying the wrong man who browbeated and dominated me to the point of losing my own identity. His drinking and womanising continually reducing me to tears. Somehow I thought everything would turn out O.K. in fact things got worse. We had four children but one of my daughters died when she was three months old the Doctor said it was a cot death.

We then moved to Tamworth hoping things would change for the better. I discovered our next door neighbour was a Christian and I knew there was something about her I wanted and because of her I started going to church. I asked Jesus to come into my life and to forgive me for all my sins. What a difference this has made in my life. I continued to live with all the hardships, disappointments and fighting until finally we had a divorce. Sometime later I remarried  a man who was a Christian who was a widower. We were really suited to each other and was a real gentleman praying and reading the bible together. Life was so good, then my husband was diagnosed with cancer which was inoperable and he only had a few months to live. It was a very sad time dealing with the loss of someone who had meant so much to me.

After my husbands death I became physically unwell and having to undergo five operations and leaving me with further ongoing health problems but I praise God because He has been with me and sustaining me through every situation. I am a widow and have learnt to live alone and put my trust in God making me realise that I am the daughter of a King and I know that even through my difficulties I have been able to witness to others that through it all God has been my helper, my fortress a strong tower a very present help in time of need.

The Lord is my Helper, the Lord is my healer, the Lord is my ever present help in times of trouble.

This is my testimony,

love Paula